The Forum will have the participation of speakers with wide international recognition, who throughout the three days will give lectures and workshops highlighting examples of innovation and entrepreneurship focused on the energy sector.

On the third day of the Forum, participating I-Corps teams will present their project to a group of investors through the dynamic called “Pitch Simulator - Angels Nest”.



Lunes 27 de mayo – Auditorio Bruno Mascanzoni, IMP.

08:15 - 09:00 hrs.

Registro de asistentes.

09:00 - 09:10 hrs.

Bienvenida por parte del Responsable Técnico del NoBI Energía.

09:10 - 09:20 hrs.

Inauguración del Foro.

09:25 - 10:15 hrs.

Innovación basada en evidencias
Pedro López Sela, Canou.

10:15 - 11:20 hrs.

Service and digital business models - creating value for your venture through value added services.
Ivanka Visnjic, ESADE Business School.

Martes 28 de mayo – Auditorio Bruno Mascanzoni, IMP.

08:30 - 09:00 hrs.

Registro de asistentes.

09:00 -10:30 hrs.

Lean Manufacturing and Lean Engineering in programs: Engineering, Procurement, Quality and Manufacturing.
David Muñoz, Lean Expert at AirBus Defence & Space.

10:45-11:45 hrs.

Mesa redonda - Redes de expertos en el sector energía.
Moderador: José Ramón Montiel López, PEMEX TRI.

Miércoles 29 de mayo – Auditorio Bruno Mascanzoni, IMP.

08:30 - 09:00 hrs.

Registro de asistentes.

09:00 -10:30 hrs.

Lean Product Development.
Ahmed Al- Ashaab, Reader in Lean Product Development at Cranfield University.

10:45-12:00 hrs.

Mejores prácticas y retos que enfrentan las organizaciones al colaborar en Hubs de Innovación.
Myrna Flores, Co-founder & president at Lean Analytics Association (LAA).
Javier López, Fundación Premio Nacional de Tecnología (PNTi).

12:00-13:00 hrs.

Tecnología IMP-NitSorb: Cuatro Aplicaciones de Alto Impacto.
Ascensión Montoya de la Fuente, IMP.

14:00-19:00 hrs.

Simulador de Pitch - Angels Nest, por equipos NoBI Energía.
Moderador: Israel Pons, CEO y socio Co-fundador de Angels Nest LATAM.


Programa sujeto a cambios sin previo aviso.

On October 15, 2018, NoBI Energia started the 2018 cohort of the I-Corps program with the participation of 23 teams comprised of an entrepreneurial leader, a principal investigator and a business mentor. The teams addressed problems in various issues related to the energy sector, including areas such as the exploration and production of hydrocarbons, efficient energy management and the implementation of renewable energies.

The results obtained by each team were presented on November 30, 2018 in the closing session of the cohort.

The participants agreed that the impact of the program was positive, since they knew better the needs of the market and to measure the maturity of their technological developments towards their possible incorporation in products or services of value for society and industry.

This meeting was attended by more than 30 business executives, officials and successful entrepreneurs, with extensive experience to share their knowledge as mentors of projects for NoBI Energía.

Dr. Víctor Gerardo Ortiz Gallardo, leader of the Competitive Technology Intelligence Unit of the Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP), explained the objective of the Node, which is to identify research and technological development projects in the partner institutions forming teams with three members: a researcher, an assistant student of researcher-entrepreneur and a business adviser or mentor. These will receive training in technology commercialization, focused on the customer Discovery (customer discovery) under the methodology and instructors certified by the I-Corps model of the National Science Foundation.

Dr. Luis Hernández Arámburo, specializing in consultancy in the areas of energy, was the guest of honor, who pointed out the importance and dynamics of the energy sector. He called the Mexican energy market "the most exciting in the world" in the current era and encouraged the participants to make an effort and commit themselves to this initiative that promises to bear fruit.

The Mtro. Juan Alberto González Piñón, secretary of Liaison of the Business School of the UP, exalted the experience and commitment of the mentors to share their knowledge and pointed out that it is a privilege for the university, and especially for the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation , count on their support.